Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Q&A Quickie | What's the best chocolate beer available?


Jonathan's Question:

What is the best chocolate beer available? I'm looking for one to replace Sam Adams Chocolate Bock. (from Jonathan) 

Jess' Answer:

Mmm, chocolate! Here are my top three chocolaty choices...

My first choice would be an Iowa craft beer, of course. Brewed at Millstream in the Amana Colonies, this is my favorite of their delicious brews. It's a smooth, Bock style beer that perfectly balances malt with subtle chocolate.

When I get a chocolate beer craving, I reach for this newfound favorite. The brew hails from Colorado – it's great from bottle, but fantastic if you can get it on tap. Malts paired up with notes of cocoa and fudge make this irresistible.

Imported but possibly easier to find than the Colorado and Iowa craft beers (depending on where you live), I can't finish up this post without recommending a beer from our other Sam. Lots of chocolate meets toasty vanilla and roasty malts to create a devilishly-sweet brew.

What's your favorite chocolate beer?

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Beer Job(s) Alert! | Cedar Rapids, IA | Oskaloosa, IA

Hey Iowa beer lovers (...especially those of you residing in the Cedar Rapids or Oskaloosa area)! Two great brew hangouts are hiring – an up-and-coming brewery AND a pub! 

Lion Bridge Brewing Company (a small, brand new, soon-to-be-opening brewery in Cedar Rapids) is now hiring for their taproom and kitchen! Check out the post on the Lion Bridge Brewing Company Facebook page for how to apply! (We got to try some of Lion Bridge's brew at BrewNost!)

The Cellar Peanut Pub (a historical train station that's been lovingly revamped into a filled-to-burst-with-beer bar) is also looking for weekend help! Check out the details on The Cellar Peanut Pub Facebook page. (And check out our review of the Peanut Pub here!)

Good luck with your apps! 

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