Friday, October 17, 2014

Swag Brewery | Brew Candles Kickstarter

Something I've wanted for a very long time is a candle that smells like an IPA. I mean, who can resist that fresh, hoppy aroma? I would love to have hoppy goodness wafting throughout my apartment. Swag Brewery to the rescue.

Swag Brewery is the cool online boutique for craft beer swag. They make wonderful beer soaps that feel great on the skin and smell delicious – and, no, don't leave you smelling like you took a bath in a keg. They also make hop candy, which is the perfect way to tide over a hophead until happy hour. (Check out my review post on Swag Brewery's beer soap and hop candy here.) 

The good folks over at Swag Brewery have now launched a Kickstarter to fund their brew candles – beer-inspired soy wax candles in three amazing scents: apricot wheat, vanilla porter, and hoppy IPA. If these candles smell anything like Swag Brewery's soaps (which I'm sure they will), they're going to smell amazing. I'm already planning: burn vanilla porter in the winter, apricot wheat in the spring, and hoppy IPA in the summer. Year round beer smells in my apartment. Yum.