Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tap Into the Business of Craft Beer | Infographic from Kendall College

It seems that both across the United States and across the world craft beer is on the rise.  More and more people are enjoying craft beer; you see more craft beer blogs across the web and groups devoted to enjoying and trading craft beer.  It’s a welcome move away from the big 3 light beer companies in my opinion.  Some people are curious as to just how big the craft beer industry has gotten over the past few decades.  This thought crossed the minds of Kendall College School Of Hospitality assistant professors John Laloganes and Phil Mott.  One beverage trend that has both students and faculty at Kendall were excited to learn more is craft beer.  Both students and professors provided valuable insight and research regarding this infographic into the industry of craft beer. This infographic was designed to not only showcase the growth of the craft beer industry as a whole, but also to highlight the knowledge of the Kendall College students and faculty. 

Some of the interesting facts that are highlighted as a result of this study and infographic are as follows:
  • Just over a third of all consumers (36%) drink craft beer.
  • The baby boomers generation enjoys the taste of craft beer (32%) but not nearly as much as their younger counterparts the millennials (43%)
  • Almost half of consumers (45%) would be interested in trying more craft beer if they knew more about it.
  • There are many different ways to pair craft beer with food including IPA’s with spicy foods like curry, Barley Wines with pumpkin pie, and Saisons with light pairing like salads.
  • Craft beer drinkers prefer food pairings and proper glassware and opposed to non-craft beer drinkers.
  • The sales of craft beer has doubled from 5.7 billion in 2007 to 12 billion in 2012.  This number is expected to triple by 2017.
Infographic from Kendall College

Cheers to craft beer! We love seeing those growing numbers and upward trends!

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  1. I have been dying for an IPA and curry!

    1. I tried a Stone IPA with some spicy Chinese one night. The IPA was delicious. The Chinese was delicious. They were not delicious with each other. The IPA for some reason made my Chinese SUPER spicy. Maybe I should try it with curry rather than Chinese spiciness. Haha.