Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Greg's 5 Favorite Iowa Breweries

We've been away for far too long! (And we have the backlog of half written brewery reviews and blog posts to prove it.) But we are here – still sipping on craft beer and homebrewing away. Today, Greg shares his five favorite breweries in our great state of Iowa. (Keep a lookout for Jess' favorite breweries later this week – we might share a love for beer, but we don't share all favorites! So without further ado, add these hoppy destinations to your to-visit list: 

1. Broad Street Brewing | Reinbeck, Iowa

Pictured above, this is definitely my favorite in Iowa. It is located in the small town of Reinbeck and I’ve never had a bad beer at this establishment. The inside is small and cozy and the head brewer is a pretty cool guy. Jess and I try and make it whenever we visit my family by Waterloo. 

Must-Try: The Coo Coo Cachoo ESB.

Tip: Check out their events. We went to one featuring the former quality manager for Guinness – she showed folks how to taste beer like a professional

2. Big Grove Brewery | Solon, Iowa

This gem is located in Solon and while they boast good beer, the food is awesome. Seriously, really really good. They use local ingredients as much as they can and the quality really shows. 

Must-Try: The Brussels sprouts (when in season). And the parm fries. You don't be disappointed.

3. Kalona Brewing Company | Kalona, Iowa

I was really impressed with Kalona when we went. There are very few breweries that I go to that I want to take a growler of everything I’ve tried back home. This was one of those places. Every beer that had was delicious. If anyone were to ask me which beer I would recommend by them, I would say try them all. Every beer they do is great!

Must-Try: Several sampler flights because one just won't do. And the artichoke dip.

4. Another Road Brewing | Marion, Iowa

This is a somewhat new brewery in Marion. It sits in the bottom of a law office and is very small. The brewer makes great beer and as of writing this post, I believe they are still making 10 gallon batches. Haven't heard of the place through traditional marketing? This place is growing in popularity just due to word of mouth. (That's how we heard of them!) It’s a great place to just chill and have some beers – and some popcorn as a snack.

Tip: Watch their Facebook page for new brews. And if you want to try one, get there early. The beers go quick! And if the popcorn gives you a hankering for something more, ask the bartender for a Ramsey's menu. You can order a sandwich and they'll walk it right over.

5. Exile Brewing Company | Des Moines, Iowa

If you’re in the capital city of Des Moines, this brewery is great place to visit. I really like their style. The building is really cool. All their beers have ladies' names and feature pinup-like girls from the 1940’s. 

Get in touch if you'd like to meet 'n' drink or write a guest post!

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