Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Brewery Roadtrip | Part 1:
Front Street Brewery in Davenport, IA

On the weekend of October 26 and 27, the lovely lady and I took a somewhat spontaneous mini roadtrip to the Quad Cities for three breweries. The first of these was Front Street Brewery in Davenport. We'd hadn't heard of Front Street before looking up breweries in the area and we couldn't recall trying any of their beer at festivals either. We were in for a treat!

Though we took a little detour and walked almost right up to the building the first time before turning around and accidentally walking in the other direction, we finally arrived at Front Street. Its interior was warm and cozy: full of exposed brick, industrial light fixtures, old time Davenport photographs, and beautiful, burnished wood finishes. The place oozed historical charm. Definitely my kind of hangout.

"Beer, now there's a temporary solution." - Homer Simpson (Wise words, my man.)
When faced with picking beers at Front Street, we just had to go with a flight!

We commenced our little visit with a sample of Front Street's eight beers. The flight provided lots a variety in style. (Of course, we had to "tap in" every single beer on Untappd. You can add us as fellow beer buddies on the app: yeastloveandhoppiness_jess and yeastloveandhoppiness_greg.) The food menu (and smell of other diners' meals) was enticing! We weren't hungry enough for supper yet, but I had to munch on a salty, soft pretzel dipped in a delicious jalapeno cheese sauce. Next time we go back, I'm going with an empty stomach and chowing down on their beer mussels.

Tasty pretzel and delicious jalapeno cheddar dipping sauce.

Front Street really impressed us. Being a small restaurant, brewpub type of business, it fondly reminded us of our favorite brewery Olde Main... just smaller and cozier. The flight showcased some really good beers, but we definitely had our favorites that came out on top. My favorite was the seasonal Oktoberfest. Jess loved the Bucktown Stout, which is named for a notorious red light district that occupied the neighborhood some 100 years ago. Beer and a history lesson!

Thanks for the tasty, cozy welcome to Davenport, Front Street! :)

After finishing off our pints of Oktoberfest and Bucktown Stout, we ventured across the Mississippi River to our second stop: Bent River in Moline, Illinois.

Check out our next two stops: Bent River Brewing Co., then Great River Brewery.

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