Tuesday, October 29, 2013

6-Pack | Pick Six Beers for Autumn

"When the chill northeast wind blows, And winter tells a heavy tale, When pyes and dawes and doobes and crowes Do sit and curse the frostes and snowes, Then give me ale."

The snow isn't here yet, but cold weather beer season is. That 16th century English verse was spot on. On these increasingly crisp days and chilly nights, give us ale... or a lager. 'Tis the season for smoky porters and rich, smooth stouts. On cozy nights in, we like to hit up a store that lets us "Pick Six." We each pick three beers for a six-pack and settle in for a night of beer-drinking and Netflix-binge-watching. So we rounded up our six favorite craft and import beers to enjoy this fall.

If we could put together our own autumn six-pack, this would be it:

I let Greg pick first. And turns out, he ended up nabbing my favorites for his list! (But hey! Great minds drink alike, right?) Greg's side of our autumn six-pack would include:

Weihenstephaner Korbinian - Roasted malts, toasted cocoa, dark fruits, and tasty toffee come together in this dark, delicious doppelbock that wins out as Jess' all-time favorite. There's nothing exceptionally "seasonal" about this beer, but it's a solid, slightly sweet dark beer to keep you warm on cold nights. Speaking of warm, Korbinian improves as its temperature warms. It's just as (if not more) tasty at room temperature than it is chilled. Our preferred method of consumption is, of course, das boot. Prost to the Germans for this great doppelbock.

Bent River Uncommon Stout - This java beer is truly set apart from the rest. It's exploding with coffee taste... and I love it. (You won't hear that from me about a coffee-flavored beer very often.) We just happened to take a trip to Bent River and taste this dark beauty on tap, but more details about that are on the way in an upcoming blog post. Uncommon Stout is deep, dark, and delicious. And when you add a splash of Bent River's Raspberry Wheat, well... it's darn right decadent. 

Olde Main Brewing Reindeer Fuel - The brewer of this beer holds a special place in our hearts. Located back in our college town of Ames, it's our favorite craft brewery. (It's also where we first hung out just the two of us! Awww.) Jess couldn't get enough of this seasonal chocolate porter last winter. Somehow, I missed out on it the entire time I lived in Ames. She raved about it and I finally got to taste it at the Festival of Iowa Beers in downtown Des Moines this past summer. Chocolatey goodness plus a super subtle hint of (dare I say) peppermint... it was freaking fantastic! It's like the holidays all bundled up into one delicious beer.

Even though he stole borrowed my fall faves, I still have some others in mind for my side of the six-pack. To complete our autumnal "Pick Six," I'd have to include:

Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout - On cold autumn nights, I love curling up on the couch and spending quality time with my beloved Samuel Smith. (I think Greg will understand.) Of all the wonderfully rich imperial stouts and porters I've had the pleasure of tasting, this one rings out as a go-to favorite. (Sam Smith knows his stuff.) Black, creamy, and complex, this imperial stout comes on strong and finishes smooth.

Tallgrass Brewing Zombie Monkie - This is a new beer to my autumn arsenal. A robust porter filled with the flavor of roasty malts and dark chocolate, it's rich, delicious, and ideal for fall afternoons. All tastiness aside, I also have to commend Zombie Monkie for their super cool can designs. 

Stillwater Artisanal Folklore - I'm a big, big fan of anything by Stillwater Artisinal (especially their saisons), but this mythic traditional ale that I tried last weekend has become my new Stillwater favorite. It's a Belgian Strong Dark Ale (yum!) that's deep, dark, rich, slightly smokey, and reminiscient of my beloved Weihenstephaner Korbinian (though a little heavier on the finish and not as wonderful when it hits room temperature). Still, it's a perfect beer to turn into an autumn drinking tradition.

What six beers would you consider your go-to fall favorites? 

Get in touch if you'd like to meet 'n' drink or write a guest post!

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