Tuesday, October 22, 2013

6-Pack | A Notebook for Every Beer Lover

While we live in a day and age of handy dandy smart phone apps like Beer Citizen, RateBeer, TapHunter, and Untappd (speaking of which, you should add both me and Greg as your friend)... there's still something to be said for a good old fashioned notebook.

My beer adventures began with a simple $6 address book, in which I jotted down the Appearance, Smell, Taste, Mouthfeel, and Overall Impression of beers that I organized in alphabetical order by brewery. But these beer-dedicated booklets put my little red notebook to shame.

With Christmas looming in the not-so-far off future, it might be time to start thinking about the beer lover on your list. Whether they're a cultured beer consumer who has been around the block of breweries a few times, a beginning beer taster embarking on their early adventures on the craft beer scene, or a beer aficionado dabbling in (or diving into) homebrewing, there's a notebook out there to record everything.

6-Pack posts are roundups of our favorite beer-related things. For this 6-Pack, we rounded up 6 notebooks for beer lovers. Whether it's Christmas, a birthday, or a little "just because" gift, these 6 booklets have our stamp of approval!

For the going-green beer guzzler.

For the friend that loves to reduce, reuse, and recycle, reward them for their environmental thoughtfulness by giving them a 100% recycled, handmade notebook made from 6-pack carriers. This Etsy crafter makes each notebook with 50 pages of 100% recycled paper and a nifty envelope pocket on the inside. The empty pages are ideal for jotting down beer notes and the envelope is a great place to stash ticket stubs from brew festivals. And revamped 6-pack carriers? We think that's 100% awesome.

For the classy craft beer connoisseur.

It doesn't much more classy than a classic Moleskin notebook, and now they've introduced a special journal just for beer. The suave, discerning beer snob in your life will appreciate the 5 themed sections and 5 tabbled sections to personalize and organize to their heart's content. Included in this sleek booklet is a beer glossery, pouring tips, and notes on glass types so they can whip it out and impress their friends. Throw in the tasting notes, homebrew log, recipe space, favorite address section, blank pages for comments, and 202 adhesive labels, your connoisseur will be prepared for anything and everything.

For the brew fest-going beer geek.

This powerful, pocket-sized journal is perfect for the beer-fest goer hopping around from town to town, brewery to brewery, festival to festival. Designed for beer geeks by beer geeks, the journal provides an easy and speedy way to keep track of beer tasting. It's as simple as checking a few boxes and jotting down a few basic facts so that the beer geek can get back to tasting all those brews without worrying about forgetting their festival favorites.

For the creative, crafty homebrewer.

When the time has come for the brew lover to venture out on his (or her!) own, this journal guides the way. It provides handy templates for the homebrewer to record 50 batches of brewing activities. From the name to the recipe to the bottling day, there are separate grids for grains, hops, adjuncts, yeasts, and costs, plus fields and checkboxes for IBUs, original and final gravity, ABV, water type and amount, boil temps and durations, and more. The homebrewer may brew and brew to their heart's content with generous space for additional notes and helpful calculations in the appendixes. 

For the fun, free-spirited fan of beers. 

Sometimes all you need is a glass of beer. Forget the fuss and focus on fun with this 80-page, spiral-bound notebook. It's simple, but we must say that those bubbles are quite stunning. Best of all, it's versatile enough for any beer lover to scribble down anything from beer reviews to beer festival dates to homebrew recipes to beer blogging ideas. When it comes to beer, more really is more. And this notebook can be used for more options than any others. Cheers!

For the brand new brew newbie.

It may be small, but this tiny booklet packs a big punch. This pocket-sized tasting notes journal has room for recording important info for about 15 beers. Each space includes a template for brewery name, beer ABV, balance of tastes, and much more. The helpful template introduces newbies to thetelements of beer tasting. It's the perfect tasting notebook for a beginning beer lover to get their toes wet in the big, wide world of craft beer. Plus, it's made in the USA with 100% post-consumer recycled material and 100% renewable green energy. (So your eco-conscious buddy might dig this one, too.)

I have my heart set on that 33 Bottles of Beer one, but I'd gladly take one of each! Which beer booklet seems to have been made for you? And what do you use currently to record your beer tasting escapades?

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