Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Swag Brewery | Craft Beer Soaps and Hop Candy

As a craft beer zealot, I often find myself caught up in beer cravings. Sometimes it goes even further than just wanting a pint. The hophead in me might pine for the floral bitterness of hops... at a time and place (like the office) where there's just no way I can get my hoppy little hands around a glass full of an IPA. And don't judge, but sometimes a beer smells sooo good that I might just fancy bathing in it. I don't, but wouldn't that be nice? 
Then along came Swag Brewery with the answers to all my brew prayers. Swag Brewery is your one-stop shop for craft beer gifts and craft beer swag. They make and sell craft beer soap, craft beer t-shirts, beer art prints, and even bottle cap earrings. It's the ultimate destination for beer lovers who want to show their craft brew love inside and outside of the bar or brewery. 

They were kind enough to send some samples to sate my beer bath and hop cravings: two craft beer soaps to suds up with and a package of hop candy to enjoy.

Apricot Wheat Beer Soap with Walnut Shells 
Round in shape and a foggy peach in color, this craft beer soap is flecked with little pieces of walnut shells. It smells of fresh apricot and malts, with some slight nuttiness and spices thrown in. The soap works up into a creamy, frothy lather that made my skin feel clean, smooth, and soft thanks to the gentle exfoliation of the walnut shells. Overall, I loved it. It's a fresh and balanced smell with a lather that just doesn't stop. 

Vanilla Porter Beer SoapAlso round in shape, this soap is a beautiful deep brown reminiscent of chocolate. The fragrance consists of toasted vanilla, roasted malts, brown sugar, and a hint of blackberry. (It smelled sooo good that I had to resist licking the soap bar. Instead, I hit up the grocery store for a six-pack of vanilla porter.) The lather is a rich, thick, luxurious velvety froth. It made my skin feel silky, soft, and spoiled.  I'm obsessed with this soap! The toasty vanilla and roasty malt smell is perfect for fall and I loved how it moisturized my skin.

What I really love about both of these craft beer soaps is that while they may be made with beer, you won't end up smelling like beer. Plus, as a person with highly sensitive skin that rejects a lot of harsh soaps... I can say that these soaps are as gentle as they are moisturizing. I had no irritation/reaction whatsoever. Both soaps left my skin squeaky clean, super soft, and smelling amazing. The handmade soaps are available for great prices and even in a sampler pack on the Swag Brewery website.

Now for the hop candy.A lovely, fresh shade of green, these tasty little hard-candy treats indulge you in all the floral, piney-ness of hops without the beer. They're not super sweet, which for me is a big plus. I don't have a big sweet tooth so I love the mellow, slightly sweet, slightly bitter floral flavor. A couple pieces definitely tide me over until I can grab a fresh, hoppy IPA after work. I tried the cascade hops, but there are other varieties available on the Swag Brewery website!
I'm loving and using my beer soaps daily. And I'm still popping pieces of hop candy when the cravings hit. ;)  Whether you're shopping for a birthday or Christmas present for you beer-loving friend, family member, or significant other... or are just looking to spoil your brew-lover self, you'll definitely find the perfect beer swag at Swag Brewery. Check them out!

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