Wednesday, October 16, 2013

BrewNost | Cedar Rapids, IA

I don't usually kiss and tell, but thanks to smooching das boot and the 90 likes that followed... I won a ticket to BrewNost at the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library! (A big, big thank you and cheers to all those who gave my photo a like on Facebook.)

Of course, I needed a date and didn't dare leave Greg out of the beer-drinking festivities. So we made sure to buy him a ticket. When we arrived at the museum on Friday evening, the Czech and Slovak Museum was all aglow with red and orange lights.

Beautiful autumn night? Czech.
It couldn't have been a more perfect night to spend outside near the river. Warm enough to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, and just cool enough to sport a sweater or jacket... it was a lovely night with a clear night sky and crisp breeze.

Fantastic venue? Czech.
The gorgeous National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library (which Greg and I have been meaning to visit but saving for a rainy day or winter weather) was a stunning and spacious venue for the event. Tables were set up both inside the main hall and banquet room of the museum, as well as outside on the patios and in a tent.

Delicious foods? Czech.
Sauerkraut, potatoes, smoked salmon on wild rice, pulled pork, caprese sticks, and several tasty little morsels that I can't even remember the names of. Cookies, cakes, and other sweet treats. There was no shortage of delicious tidbits to enjoy throughout the evening, all prepared by area restaurants.

Fun entertainment? Czech.
A band playing in the tent, strongman / beer toss / and beer slide games to play, a small slice of the museum (including the gift shop) to browse.  Greg felt extra manly all night because he dinged the bell multiple times on one of those hammer-swing, strength tester games.  He also won a pretty nifty bottle opener for sliding a liter of beer down a table without spilling. What a champ!

Good people? Czech.
People of all ages came together at this event. We love love love talking beer - sharing our favorites, swapping opinions, and, of course, learning about beer from others. It's always great to make new friends in the process, too! :)

Whiskey, wine, and beer? Czech, czech, and CZECH!
And of course, our cups runneth over with all the beer to try. Beer from around the world, beer from across the US, and even beer from right here in Cedar Rapids: the much anticipated Lion Bridge Brewery brewed a beer especially for the event. There was also wine, whiskey, and mead to be tasted. But about that Lion Bridge brew...

First taste of Lion Bridge Brewing Company beer? Czech!
In Spring 2014, a new brewery is set to open up in my favorite Cedar Rapids neighborhood: the Czech Village.  And we cannot wait!  Lion Bridge Brewing owner and brewmaster Quinton McClain (whom we had the delight of meeting at Oktoberfest last weekend) custom-brewed Živá Voda specially for the event and it turned out to be one of our favorites of the night. We look forward to tasting more from Lion Bridge in the not so distant future.

Trip for 2 to Prague?! Czech! (Just kidding...)
Prague is in my top five of places I'm longing to visit (just after England, Ireland, and Italy). Since I won the Facebook contest, I thought I'd try my luck at a raffle. We both bought tickets for the Prague trip raffle, but some very lucky person won. Someday, someday... ;)

BrewNost was a fantastic event. With the beautiful venue, array of food, and variety of imported beers, it was unlike any beer event we've attended so far. We're definitely planning on a day to browse the museum and next year we'll be purchasing tickets to attend BrewNost again. It's a great event for Cedar Rapids and makes me proud and excited to be a new resident at such a great time. 

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