Monday, October 14, 2013

Beer Weekend | We can "barley" describe the fun!

As partners in brew tasting, nothing makes us happier than spending quality time drinking beer together. Date night = beer. Always. As long as there's beer involved, I think Greg will vouch that I'm pretty easy to please. :) So it was a delight to spend nearly our entire weekend trying new beers... especially when the events took place in our own backyard of Cedar Rapids.

We spent Friday night at BrewNost, Saturday afternoon at the Beer Nuts Homebrew Festival, and followed up Sunday's Fall Festival with a six-pack of new beers to try. 

More details, photos, and separate blog posts to come on our BrewNost and Homebrew Festival experiences. (Here's a clue... both events were awesome!)

Have you tried any new beers, attended any events, or hung out at a cool bar or brewery lately? Write a guest post for us

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