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Guest Post | Brewery Review
Rockmill Brewery in Lancaster, Ohio

Please welcome Melissa of A Quiet Extrovert to Yeast, Love, & Hoppiness. She recently visited Rockmill Brewery, a lovely farmhouse-turned-brewery in Lancaster, Ohio.

Guest Post | Rockmill Brewery
by Melissa, A Quiet Extrovert

Rockmill is located in the middle of Ohio farm-country, and the brewery itself is actually a beautiful old farmhouse re-designed into the most welcoming brewery I’ve ever been to. As you arrive, you walk past the patio lit up with white Christmas lights and complete with a fire pit and plenty of seating. Inside, a large white dog greets visitors at the door. Every room in the house is open for customers and it was fun to check out all of the different rooms—each with their own unique, rustic feel. My boyfriend and I chose to sit on a big, brown leather couch by the window and had the corner all to ourselves.

Another part of what makes Rockmill so perfect is the grounds. The brewery sits near a small pond and several trails through the woods.  There is also a tiny chapel and old, swinging bridge that crosses a stream. It was nice to get outside and explore after a bunch of beer.

We each ordered a flight of all five of their beers for just $10, which was enough to give us both a good buzz. All the beers are Belgium-style, completely organic and use local products, which I love! From right to left, the tasting included their Witbier, Saison, Dubbel, Tripel and Cask Aged Tripel. (This would, of course, be referring to the attached photo).

Witbeir (6% ABV)—a wheat beer brewed with fruits and spices instead of hops. It is a light, summery beer and it definitely has a fruity/orange-y taste. This one wasn’t one of our favorites, but we still liked it for what it is.

Saison (6.5% ABV)—what Rockmill calls a farmhouse ale with a bit more of a hoppy taste than the Witbeir. This one was our favorite, and we decided to order an extra bottle (25.4 oz) of this to split when we were done with the flight. I thought the Saison was the perfect balance between light and heavy, as I tend to shy away from heavier beers.

Dubbel (8% ABV) & Tripel (9% ABV)—these are brown and golden ales respectively are the ones I remember the least about. The Dubbel had a great fruity-spicy finish and the Tripel did have a lot more life to it than most golden ales.

Cask-Aged Tripel (10.5% ABV)—tripel golden ale aged in Middle West Spirits whiskey barrels. We did have a bit of trouble getting through our entire sample of this, which I thought had a really strong whiskey taste. It was very unique and yummy, but strong—definitely for sipping. This was the most memorable of the five.

Overall, I loved that all of their beers are brewed more with fruits and spices, rather than hops. I thought all of the beers had a unique, delicious taste and it was a nice change from many other breweries that emphasize IPAs (which I don’t usually enjoy).

They don’t serve food unless it’s a special event, but they invite you to bring your own so we brought some crackers and cheese and happily snacked all afternoon.

We want to go back ASAP, and vowed to come at least once a season. We think it would be beautiful in the fall as the leaves change colors and incredibly cozy in the winter, as the farmhouse has lots of woodwork, fireplaces and comfy seating options.

Let me know if any of you make it out to Rockmill—it won’t disappoint.
Thanks again Jessica for sharing your blog space with me!

Thank you for your guest post, Melissa!

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