Friday, July 12, 2013

Stone RuinTen IPA | Stone Brewing Co.

Last weekend, Greg and I visited a new favorite little drinking establish in the New Bohemian District of Cedar Rapids. It was our second visit to the charming corner bar Parlor City Pub and Eatery... and we already had our "usual spot" at the bar to sit down at.

We drank quite a bit of beer last Saturday at Parlor City. Unfortunately, we weren't good little beer-reviewers. Chatting with a couple about local hot spots and breweries to visit, we kinda sorta forgot to jot down notes about the brews we sipped. And on the same day, my immune system decided to surrender to some random summer sickness that I'm just now getting over. (Blahhh.)

Anyway, we did get to try one of the beers we've been longing for! Stone RuinTen IPA. But we tried it at the very end. And I had drank one too many Celebrator doppelbocks to appreciate (or even finish) my RuinTen. So I'll have to post a follow-up review when I actually have something to contribute.

But without further ado... here is Gregory's review:

Stone RuinTen IPA
Brewed by: Stone Brewing Co. | California, US
Style / ABV: American IPA | 10.8%

Ever since I heard of this beer, I wanted to try it. Jess and I were at a bar in the Cedar Rapids New Bo district, and we were about to leave and saw this being prepared for the tap.  We jumped right on it. I think they call this beer RuinTen for a reason. It blew my socks off! This beer is amazing! I was able to smell it before it was even set down in front of me. My nose was filled with hops and grapefruit. The color is a gorgeous reddish gold with a loose head. When I tasted it, the hops were almost overwhelming – overwhelmingly amazing! The aftertaste was unexpected.  It is not as bitter as Ruination, which we reviewed earlier.  Be careful, at 10.8% it may ruin your day.  I would recommend this beer to anyone.  This is how an IPA should taste. It gets a 4.6/5 | look: 4.5 | smell: 5 | taste: 4.5 | feel: 4 | overall: 4.75

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